Timmy's Basement Competition Update!

Posted on Timmy's Basement 3 years ago

Hello hunters!

I have decided to slightly alter the end date for the running competition so I can pay out everyone before New year.
The new end date will be set Thursday 28th December 23:59 CET!

How I will get all the stats is as followed:

World ranking top 3 - Simply looking at the World Ranking in the titlepack
Most Author medals - I will take a screenshot of everymap top10 ranks at exactly midnight on the 28th
I will simply compare the times with the spreadsheet I made and make a complete document with names I can fetch from top 10 to figure out who has the most.
Most World records - Same principle as the Author medal system

I am unfortunately unable to look further than Top 10 on each map which is quite annoying, I have tried contacting nadeo about this but they replied that it is not possible from their side unless a custom API is written. I have no idea about this stuff so I have to do it with what I have.

Thanks for understanding and hope you had fun hunting!