WTC 2018 Fifty Days

Posted on TMPlus Canyon 4 years ago

Let's start 2018 with a new style of competition: "Fifty days".
The first to wipe the plasters is TheJarago”.
TheJarago” is one of the most prolific and creative WTC mappers.
He has concocted 5 maps that explore the new features of the TMPLUS canyon title pack.
From Wednesday, January 10, 2018 until Wednesday, February 28, 2018, you can play these 5 maps on the server "WTC 50 days".
It is (on average) maps of 2 minutes, with various difficulties. On the server, the time for each map is 20 minutes (you can of course download these maps to practice localy).
"50 days" is the time you have to make the best scores on these 5 maps.
At the end there will be 2 rankings: one per point and one per cumulative time.

Real time rankings :

Bonus : to accompany you during this competition, Jarago (who is also DJ) has created hours of mix music, to listen here:

In short :
- when : Wednesday, January 10, 2018 and during 50 days
- Where : on server "WTC 50 days" on title pack TMPLUS Canyon
- Who : everyone