Introducing: Solid!

Posted on Solid 6 years ago

Hey TrackManiacs,

Allow me to introduce you to a new titlepack! It's a little different from the usual though.

This is Solid, a 'concept titlepack' featuring an ongoing campaign with tracks featuring only two colors on your screen; solids if you may!

Because Solid is a concept, you'll have to set some things up before you can play in the best possible way. Be sure to read the quick guide available from the titlepack's maniaflash, or check out the map intros!

Your challenge is to drive in this level of simplicity and you can start with the now available white series! More maps will arrive in the future and the driving experience will continue to develop as time goes on!

Grab the titlepack from the ManiaPlanet store, or get it from the following link:

Hope you'll enjoy!