King of the Hill Update

Posted on ShootMania Galaxy 5 years ago

Ever thought a game can turn crazy with two angry teams fighting against each other? Well, now you can experience 4 teams (!) madness in the new King of the Hill game mode! Try to capture the goal with your team, when opponent come from every direction. The update also brings tons of performance improvements, thanks to new ManiaPlanet 4 features!

In King of the Hill teams are battling over the central pole. Goal of the mode is to capture the central pole with your team. Each team is capturing separately, with their own progress bar. The first team to capture the goal or team with the biggest progress when the round ends wins.

+ King of the Hill game mode: up to 4 teams try to control the central point.
+ Minimap: players markers have now arrows indicating that they are high enough above the player or deep below.
+ Minimap: goes into an underground mode when player enters tunnels.
+ Gauges: you can now choose if they want them to have a background.
+ 7 new settings to personalize the interface.
+ Experimental Maps Browser tab for the Editors menu.
+ Partial gamepad support for the main menus and Maps Browser.
+ All game modes are now included in the title pack.
+ Probably implemented a lot of new bugs.

~ Huge performance improvements for all client-side interfaces.