Royale Cup - DELUXE

Posted on NзxTy 4 years ago

Royale Cup - DELUXE

Phases de Qualifications et Phases Finales les Dimanche 28 Avril et Dimanche 5 Mai 2019
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Qualifying stage and Final stage will happend on Sunday, 28th April and 5th May 2019
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Everything is like the first edition BUT :
- The maps are the same as the First edition, but they are all DELUXE now, this mean they are all better (we removed a lot of things on the road), and Gwen helped us on doing the news maps ;)
- The cash prize is now DELUXE, it was 180€ ? Ok, now it's 300€ !
- The servers are DELUXE, we promise they are now stable ! (really)

Wingobear sera en live ce Lundi 1 Avril à partir de 20h15 sur la Compétition !
C'est un rendez-vous à ne pas manquer, passez le voir en

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Bonne chance à tous ! | Good Luck everyone!