TM² Island - Finding New Testers!

Posted on TM 2 Paradise via TM² Island 4 years ago


What exactly is TrackMania² Island?
It’s a community-made recreation of Island environment of first TrackMania, which firstly appeared in TrackMania Sunrise, in April 2005. Now, it’s possible to run it inside the ManiaPlanet as a titlepack.
It contains all Island blocks and skins from TM United, TM Sunrise (also Demo and Beta ones) and custom ones. Five gamemodes in solo are enough for having great time. New graphics engine along with new HD textures make it feel fascinating.

The opportunity to try and help with the development of TM² Island is here. Be a part of the big project of recreation of the Island environment from TM1! The work is still not done, so I need someone, who will be building maps for the campaign and give detailed feedback about new features.

I plan on making a smaller circle of testers, who can get access the pack in order to test it, build maps, give suggestions and sharing their opinions, instead of a large group of testers doing nothing (as it was in the past).
The new circle will contain 25 testers, not more, to achieve activity. The least active ones will be replaced by the more active ones. The new testers group will start working on 1.6. 2019.

Who I am looking for?
- Mappers (all help is welcome) to build the campaign
- Bug-reporters – people who see even the smallest bugs and don’t forget to report them
- Innovators – those who have good ideas – for UI, blocks, maps, modes, …
- Server/gamemode testers – when a test of new gamemode on a server will be announced, they will be ready to test it
- Media artists – those who can do nice screenshoots or videos
- Music makers – not necessary, but why not having custom music?

How to apply?
1. go on TM² Island Discord server and fill the form to apply:
2. fill the form in #testers-apply
3. wait till 1.6. 2019 to see if you were chosen or not

I hope that together we can make it interesting and worth playing titlepack.