Centaury Mini Tech Tournament

Posted on cτy.Hizutaki 1 year ago


Hi everyone ! We are back !

Centaury Team is proud to present ... The Centaury Mini Tech Tournament !

- To begin, here is a brief description of the tournament and what it is waiting for you!
The Centaury Mini Tech Tournament is a competition that will take place on Trackmania Stadium²!

- The opening of the servers is scheduled for Sunday 1st September, the competition will take place on 5th October

- For this edition, we will offer 8 cards ranging from 25 seconds to 40 seconds, easy-intermediate difficulty, in the Mini Tech style.
The competition will take place in the following format, from round matches to semi-finals, followed by cup mode with an anticipated
final of 8 players

- For more details I invite you to read the rules on discord which will be sent to you in the coming days

- The 8 finalists will compete for a sum of 300 €: dollar: minimum for the first 4 places!
(NB: this sum will probably evolve in the coming days)

-- This event will be cast on Wingobear's twitch channel !

-- See you on Sunday 1st September at 14h for the opening of the servers

-- You can join the discord of the cup here : https://discord.gg/DAgmWxW