Speedball FunCups every Monday 8pm CEST

Posted on SpeedBall 2 years ago

Since the Speedball League is about to end, we will pick up hosting the Speedball FunCups again every Monday starting 8pm CEST.
For the sign up you check the SpeedBall Discord Server: Join Now and Sign Up for the FunCups!

As a little reminder of what the FunCups are: You sign up as a player. All signed up players will be put into one of five pools (From A to E. A being the best and E the worst).
A script will then create random but balanced teams with that info. The created teams will play in a classic two bracket cup (or every team vs every other team once when only 3 teams can be created).
The cups take around 2 to 4 hours. See you on Monday! :)