The Wild Style is out !

Posted on PvM Wild Style 4 years ago

Hi' everyone.
I'm trying here to make a move by giving a name to the game style of Trackmania initiated by ZeratoR, because we're doing nowadays a different map style on the big competitions (A&C and TMGL mainly) than the initial ZrT style.
So I created a Title Pack to present this "new" style based on these competitions and more. there is 75 maps, and I did proper Author, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal for each map (Author is between 300 to 700 hours spent on Trackmania). It's mostly player friendly, with a real challenge for the author and gold medals, but if you want to tryhard, I made a PVM sheet (Player vs Map : You beat 5 map times, you get a rank. There's 40 maps on this one. Find it here, and tag CiremyxX#6755 on TM discord if you want to register there).
I need all the feedback possible to update my TTP and finally have the "perfect" one, so tell me if you think some medals are faster than they should be.
I hope you will enjoy it. You can find it on the store, or by clicking here.
Thanks for reading,
Good luck and Have fun !