Centaury Mini RPG Tournament / Monthly

Posted on Trackmania² Stadium via cτy.Hizutaki 1 year ago

Hi everyone

The centaury team is back ! We present to you the 2nd Monthly which will take place on Saturday, November 30 at 2p.m !

For this first edition, we chose the mini RPG style, 4 mini maps between 40-55 seconds.
Maps are available on the server: Centaury Mini RPG Tournament!

The format of the competition will be : a server in round mode, 8500 points to win to qualify.
Only the first 16 players will climb immediately in the semi finals with cup mode (120points in semi final)
We will play the final at 8 players immediatly after the semi final in cup mode too ! (130 points in final)

(we'll have a 15-minute break between the rounds of the semi-finals, and the final)

The first 3 players will share a cash prize of 60 €