Beary's Cup Winter Edition 2 - BCWE²

Posted on Trackmania² Stadium via LDN Jordi 8 months ago

OursVelu is proud to announce you the Beary's Cup Winter Edition 2 (BCWE²) !

We have learned a lot after BCWE 1 and NHCC and we are now very excited to present you this new Trackmania Stadium² competition !

Meet this new challenge with 10 tracks all in a winter mood ! (maybe one more)
- 2 Tech (by Dedejo and Loxios)
- 2 Dirt (by Wizzard and Shyin)
- 2 Wildstyle/fun (by Zazimut and Gurtzz)
- 2 Mini RPG (by Adripeal and Harpyi)
- 1 FS (by Navi)... maybe 2.. if not, you will have a surprise ! (guess what it is a multi-style cup)

There is actually 100€ Cash Prize ! (60€ - 25€ - 10€ - 5€)
Tracks released and registration will open on the 8th of december at 3:00 PM CET ! (maybe wednesday for two maps in the mappack)

Cup will starts at 1:30 PM on the 21st of december ! (Saturday)
Cast by OursVelu, and Zetorate (French), Turbo and Key (English)
Servers and bracket gsheet managed by Next Event !

More information, registration, ... in our discord.. GL HF !!
BCWE² Let it snow !