Centaury Fun Tech Tournament

Posted on cτy.Hizutaki 8 months ago

Hi everyone !

The Centaury team present is 5th Monthly :
The competition will take place on February 9, 2020 at 2 p.m !

For this edition 4 Fun Tech maps between 30 and 45 seconds! The cards are playable now on the centaury Mini Fun Tech ​​Cup server!

The format of the competition will be as follows: A round mode, 10,000 points, the first 16 players will qualify for the rest of the tournament in cup mode (110pts in the half and 130 in the final) We will play the final in cup mode also with the 8 first qualified of the semi finals.

A short break of 5-10 minutes is planned between each round!

The first 3 players will share a cash prize of 60€
1st : 30€
2nd : 20€
3th : 10€