Battle For The Crown Step 2 on Sun. 08/03

Posted on NзxTy 4 years ago

Battle for The Crown Step 2 - Qualifying Stage will occur this Sunday 08.03

REMEMBER : Each step will last 2 weeks, divided in :
Week 1 - Qualifying Stage
Week 2 - Final Stage (Semi Final and Final), we have some beautiful casters

Winner of each step will earn 25€ and 2500 Planets (The second will earn 10€ and 1000 Planet)

You can already join the server to start training Step 2 maps : search "Battle For The Crown" in server list
Or use this manialink : Click here to join in game server

More details on discord : Click here to join Discord

Who will be crowned... Step 2 of BFTC starts this Sunday at 5:10pm