Posted on NзxTy 4 years ago

GameWard is proud ton announce you GameWard Duo Cup

GameWard Duo Cup is a Duo tournament that will take place on 25th and 26th of April 2020, Divided in Qualifying Stage the Saturday and Final Stage. The Cup will be played on the 5 best maps from the 5 biggest cups of years 2019-2020 (Zrt, Spheriz, TMGL, AirFrance, Lyon Esport)

The CashPrize for the cup is 500€, shared in :
1st : 260€ for the duo + 2 ESWAP Pro Controllers Thrustmaster
2nd : 140€ for the duo
3rd : 80€ for the duo
4th : 20€ for the duo

More informations are availible on the discord of the cup :
Click here to join it

If you join to join in game server :
Just Click here !

To register : On the discord, find the channel "register" and put the Nickname & Login of you and of your ally (the one that register for the duo will be considered as the "Team Leader")

Thanks to register only if you think you'll be free the day of the cup !

See you on roads !