Valley Parkour

Posted on KOBOIS Marius89 2 years ago

Hello Trackmaniacs,
before the new Trackmania comes out, we'd like to show you something you've never seen before.
It is a demonstration of what a single environment can be capable of.
After Bay and Rally, Lars and Marius89 collaborated to build:
Valley Parkour!

What is this map about?
It is a trial map with the idea of using every single detail that each Valley block offers.

As Valley is not very popular, players didn't realize yet,
how much potential this environment actually has.

We started this project 5 years ago and now we finally finished it!
To celebrate this, we want to host an event and give some rewards to the finishers. :)

Date: Friday, the 26th of June 17:00 CEST (open end)
No registrations needed, just join the Server!

There will be prizes of 120€!
1st finisher: 40€
2nd finisher: 25€
3rd finisher: 15€
2 random finishers within 1 week: 10€
WR after 1 week: 20€

PS: Don't worry about the difficulty.
We avoided long sectors by using over 200 CPs. Each one of those has a number item above them to ensure no problems with pathfinding. Additionally some harder sectors include a GPS or tips.

Good Luck & Have Fun!
Lars and Marius89