Ultimate League #1 - A new event

Posted on CRYSTYLE Liber 2 years ago

Hey everyone,

I'm proud to introduce you the first edition of the Ultimate League, where 8 teams of 3 players will fight each other during 3 months (September-November 2020) on 4 GameModes of Shootmania : Elite/BattlePro/Speedball/Heroes.

This event is new and never seen on the game, it will unite all the communities of the game and will create a nice atmosphere around the games, and the streams of the competition.

You can read informations on the channels Ultimate League on the Atria Discord :
https ://discord.gg/xVz6CC3
You can sign up on this Discord on the channel "register" between the 5 August and the 20 August 2020 !

Choose your mates, choose when you play, and live intense matches in 3v3 !