Stadium F1 Update 23-06-2017

Posted on STADIUM-F1 5 years ago

Hi all, new update of the title Pack Stadium F1 in date 23/06/2017.

In this update:
Redesigned the LIGTMAP for maps of: Monza, Abudhabi, Austria, Bahrain, Baku, Canada, China, Japan, England, Lagunaseca, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Monaco, Spain, Hungary and the United States.
Completely recreated maps of:
Baku and Singapore.
Removed for reasons of space the map of Hockenheim.
Fixed some bugs in some textures.
Compiled with stadium maker to have the new user interface.
What is very important now the update and installation takes place automatically from the store of maniaplanet, thanks to the programmers of nadeo for listening to my supplications.
Good Game All ;)