Only on Maniaplanet

Don't care about the time, respawns are more important!

This gamemode counts number of respawns instead of race time. It was included in every TM1 game. It was made by Nadeo, but it was broken, so I (Arkady) have done bugfix for the titlepack. It would be boring, if it was bugfix only, so I've added some features.

The added features:
- ranking system
- downloadable solo records
- TMUF vehicle-mixing
- a little UI edit, edited titleimage & logos
- some small scripted features (like show stunt names setting)

I hope you will have fun!



Includes elements from the Trackmania racing game series.


Includes a solo gaming experience.


Includes multiplayer game modes.

This Title runs only on Maniaplanet.

Crafted by /\rkαdy
Published 5 years ago
Updated 5 years ago