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One of the best way to be better on Trackmania.

Welcome in the Wild Style on Trackmania !
A "new" style initiated by ZeratoR with the ZrT TM Cups, and "improve" later with the A&C Cups, TMGL and all of the little cups from the community !
This pack offers a good challenge for everyone, and mostly for those who want to earn skill in Trackmania² Stadium.
Beginners with Bronze medal, casuals with Silver medal, amateurs/intermediates with Gold medals and tryharders/challenge lovers with Author medals (around 500 to 1.000 hours played).
If you want a real harder challenge, you can try the "true" PvM here : here.
If you have any questions, feedback or anything, ask CiremyxX in TM² Discord serveur (CiremyxX#6755), and if you have some issues with some maps, you will find tricks & tips on Youtube.
Good luck & Have fun !



Includes elements from the Trackmania racing game series.


Includes a solo gaming experience.

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Published 4 years ago
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