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Ice Ice Baby

TrackMania One - Alpine is the original environment of the TrackMania One franchise. The titlepack is a remake of the famous "Snow"-environment of the previous TrackMania games. All original blocks are available with improved graphics and gameplay. You will be able to rebuild all maps from the original environment in Alpine. That's not all; we've included the original vehicle physics for an authentic gameplay and driving experience. The official campaign covers 50 maps in all difficulties. Last but not least, a fresh menu in style of modern games is waiting for you.
The project comes from the community - for the community.




Includes elements from the Trackmania racing game series.


Includes a solo gaming experience.


Includes multiplayer game modes.


Multiplayer game modes compatible with matchmaking.

This Title runs only on Maniaplanet.

Crafted by UNBITN
Published 4 years ago
Updated 2 years ago