Only on Maniaplanet

What will you get, when you mix 4 cars in 4 different environments?

4 cars, 4 environments. 5 difficulties and 100 maps. 20 for each flag separated into 5 for each environment. Whether you drive in the scorching Canyon, the thrilling classical Stadium, the nature of Valley or the tropical paradise of Lagoon. With new ideas, blockmixing and custom objects, you will never see a map or a raceline twice.

This is no RPG, this is a different race experience outside of the Sparksteditions.

This is "The Quest Tour".

Made by Sparkster for you all.



Includes a solo gaming experience.

This Title runs only on Maniaplanet.

Crafted by Sparkster
Made in TM² ALL Maker
Published 7 years ago
Updated 3 years ago